Wielding Wonders in Pathfinder

Now that I’ve got a better feel for the Wonder Wielder, I’ve bee tinkering with porting it over into Pathfinder.  It’s admittedly significantly slower going as there are a whole different set of assumption to balance against.  Here’s what I’ve got written up for the base feature.

Collector of Oddities

You have a knack for finding unusual items with strange powers.  Three of your starting items gain the ability to conjure or act as another piece of equipment.  For each of these item, roll 1d12 to determine what it creates or emulates:

  1. acts as alchemist fire
  2. conjures marker dye
  3. acts as 50’ of silk rope
  4. acts as bodybalm
  5. acts as a medium tent
  6. acts as a guard dog
  7. conjures up to 20 javelins.
  8. acts as a rapier
  9. acts as a smokestick
  10. acts as a heavy steel shield.
  11. acts as a potion of Resistance.
  12. acts as a potion of Guidance.


You can personalize this list at character creation to reflect the character’s tastes and interests.  However, once set, entries can only be changed during down time or from level progression.  For each entry, you can have it act as an item of up 25 gp or conjure up to 20 gp worth of items.  Past 1st level, this price cap improves to 5 * class level * (character level + 5) for emulating items and 4 * class level * (character level + 5) for conjuring items.

An item that “acts as” another either changes its form or creates an attachment that lets it mimic the emulated item’s function.  If the emulated item is consumed or destroyed on use, so is the item with this power.  While acting as another item, the item can not be used for it’s original purpose.

Conjured items are sustained by the item that created them and will fade in 1 round if taken more than 5’ from the item that created them.

In either case, you may keep a power on for up to 8 hours.  After that that time, power can not be used again for 1 hour, plus the amount of time you had it active.
Should an item empowered by this feature become lost, broken, or unusable, your fortunes will guide you toward a replacement item of the DM’s choice, usually within the hour.  Until the you gain a luck bonus to attempts to find and acquire possible replacements equal to the number of items to be replaced.  This bonus does not trigger if you can regain the item easily without conflict in a reasonable time frame, such as if it’s lent to an ally or being repaired or appraised.  Should you sell the item, you must buy the replacement.  The replacement need not be the same value as the lost item and its special power should be randomly rolled as per the original item.

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