Wielding Wonders in Dungeon World

I’ve recently been tinkering with a class inspired by a combination of magic item wielding  heroes of folks tales and The Dying Earth, tinkers with packs full of useful items, and the occasional oddball walking armory character.

Seeing as it’s a light and flexible system, I’ve tried my hand at adapting the idea to Dungeon World first.  So far it’s been working pretty well as my oldest likes coming up with new devices the character can pull out of her pack.  Here’s what the start of the class looks like.  Advanced moves are still in progress, but I suspect a pet based move will catch her interest.

Wonder Wielder

There are so many fascinating things in the world.  So much knowledge scattered to the winds to be gathered, so many secrets known by so few.  A fair portion of that is lost or may soon be.  But perhaps by studying what others left behind you might recover some of those secrets.  Even after all these years many of those forgotten relics hold up remarkably well.

Let others horde their coins.  You’ll simply claim a trinket here, an apparently broken device there, and before they know it you’ll be in command of powers rarely seen, much less understood.


Halfling: Lansley, Brigby, Kallia, Nani

Human: Roderig, Colwin, Ignatius, Elsa, Winfrey, Catalina


Inquisitive Eyes, Distracted Eyes, or Astute Eyes

Unkempt Hair, Styled Hair, or Bound Hair

Pocketed Clothes, Colorful Clothes, or Common Clothes

Lean Body, Stout Body, or Flabby Body


Your maximum HP is 6+Constitution.

Your base damage is d8.

Starting Moves

Choose a race and gain the corresponding move:


When you offer one of your own belongings in trade take a +1 to parley or supply.


When you assemble a makeshift item from odds and ends, you may ignore 1 tag or take a +1 forward to the first use of that item.

You start with these moves:

Collector of Oddities

You’ve taken in keen interest in certain items.  Choose a look:

  • Ancient
  • Alchemical
  • Mechanical
  • Inscribed
  • Otherworldly
  • Ceremonial
  • Unassuming

You start with adventuring gear with that look. All such gear functions normally though it may have an unusual form or means of operation.

When a piece of gear granted by this move is lost or becomes unusable, hold 1. When you search an area or container with unknown contents you can restock your adventuring gear, regaining 1 use per hold spent.

Fortunate Packing

When you rummage through your adventuring gear for a useful item, state what you want the item to help you achieve and roll+Int:

  • On 10+, expend a use of adventuring gear.  The GM will tell you what item you find.  The item will always bring you one step closer to your goal, but the GM may declare the item has limited uses, limited duration, or is difficult to move after use.
  • On a 7-9, you gain the item, but choose two:
    • It’s not immediately obvious how this item can help.
    • The item is unreliable and may malfunction  if precautions are not taken.
    • You need more than one person to operate it.
    • The item is slow, dangerous, or must be applied.
  • On a miss, no gear is expended, but you can not use this move for that goal again until you restock your adventuring gear.

Extraordinary Arsenal

Your collection has grown to include some items that prove useful in combat. You start with 2 armaments that match the look of your Collection of Oddities, each with 3 uses and a 1 weight. For each item, roll 1d8 twice to determine the enhancements it provides.  If you roll the same number twice, you may choose an enhancement instead.

  1. Versatile: Add a range tag of your choice to the target weapon.
  2. Animated: The weapon can move and even fly under it’s own power.  You can use your action to make it attack while doing so.  Treat it’s stat modifier as +1 for such attacks.  While holding or attached to the weapon, you can invoke this enhancement for a +1 attempts that involve running fast and jumping far.
  3. Puissant: Raise your stat modifier for this attack to +2 or deal +1 damage.
  4. Explosive: Attacks with this armament affect everyone in reach of the initial target.  If the weapon does not have near or far tags, you are not affected by the attack.
  5. Lingering: The attack leaves behind dangerous residue that deals 1d4 damage.  On a hit, the damage is dealt at the end of the target’s next turn if not removed.  On a miss, the residue clings to nearest surface and damages the next creature to touch or step on it.
  6. Concussive: Add stun and forceful.
  7. Vicious: Add messy and +1 damage.
  8. Spectral: Add ignores armor.

Once the enhancements are determined, choose how the armament operates. Regardless of the method chosen, only one set of enhancements can be applied to a given attack.

  • The armament is a weapon (choose the hand, close, or near tag) or ammo and enhances attacks made with it.
  • The armament is a pack of thrown weapons, where each use destroys the thrown item to release the enhanced attack.
  • The armament is a worn item that creates a weapon with the enhancements.
  • The armament is an applied item that enhances the weapon it’s attached to, be it manufactured or part of the user’s body.

If at any time one of your armaments is lost or out of uses, you can spend a few minutes rummaging through your belongings to expend a use of your Collection of Oddities and gain a new armament.

Reliable Armament

You’ve acquired an item you can fall back on when your armory runs dry.  Add an item to your Exceptional Armory. You can choose one of this item’s enhancements instead of rolling for it.  So long as perform routine maintenance on the item, it does not have limited uses.


Choose an alignment:


Use a questionable device to improve the lives of others.


Uncover information on the origins of an unusual item or a forgotten people.


Give yourself over to the use of cruel or questionable device.


Your load is 12+Str.  You carry your collection of oddities, 3 items in your exceptional arsenal, and dungeon rations (5 uses, 1 weight).  Choose your clothing:

  • Leather armor (1 armor, 1 weight)
  • stylish clothes that match the look of your collection

Choose one:

  • Bag of books (5 uses, 2 weight)
  • Poultices and Herbs (2 uses, 1 weight)
  • Halfling pipeleaf (0 weight) and Bandages (3 uses, weight 1)


Fill in the name of one of your companions in at least one:

__________ has shown an interest in some of the things I carry.

__________ recognizes something I’ve found but refuses to speak about it.

I’m sure I can convince __________ of the safety and efficacy of my inventory.

__________ has something I’d love to study.

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4 Point Adventurers

While hidden menace is in testing, I’ve been musing over how you could trim down classic adventuring classes for an evening of light dungeon bashing fun. Here’s what I’m currently tossing around.

Each character starts off with basic training in a fighting style as well as a secondary area of expertise.

For the fighting styles, I’ve been considering “3 slot + 1 trick” approach. The slots I’m thinking of are a “main hand” or primary proficiency, an “off hand” or supporting proficiency, and an “armor” or passive proficiency. From there, just adding a special “thing this character is good at” and you’ve got some decent ground work for an fighting style.

I still need to mull over the areas of expertise. Right now I’m thinking of using areas such as exploration, investigation, persuasion, and logistics. I may adapt the 4 point approach of fighting styles to these. I can see “What tools do I use?” and “How do I stay safe?” being solid questions to ask for any of these.

I may post up some mock classes over the next few weeks to see how this works out. If that goes well I may revisit making an light rpg with an “Old School Hack” flavor.

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Delver’s Legacy: Aspects & Abilities

Here is an interesting little addition I thought up for the Delver’s Legacy project. Oddly enough I’ve noticed many interesting ideas pop up not when I’m actively trying to solve a problem, but when I’m just resting and letting my thoughts drift.

“Pick 3” Character Creation

To create a new character pick a race, class, and background for the character. Each of these aspects comes with a starter package. Copy anything listed in the starter package into the appropriate areas on your character sheet.

Extra Option – Random Aspects: When picking an aspect, you can chose to use dice or cards to pick the aspect at random. Each time you do this, the character’s luck increases by 1. Luck can be spent during play to cheat death and redo checks.

Most aspects will have an “ability ratings” entry in their starter package. Copy those ratings in the appropriate column for that aspect. Once you’ve filled all 3 columns, add up the total for each row and write it in the ability score column. Next, divide those scores by 3 (rounded down) and place that value in the ability bonus column.

Design Notes

All aspects should have an ability rating line. Background and classes will usually have equipment entries. Races will generally have very few features in the starter package. However, they will let the character gain additional features through later purchases. This should reduce how many features a new player has to memorize while also making it easier to balance out races.

Humans will probably have the ability to copy the ability rating of their class or background. There will likely also be backgrounds that mimic the scores of a race or class, as well as a background with randomized scores.

Behind the Scenes

As you may notice, I’ve been a big fan of fast character creation lately. While rolled ability scores are traditional, I feel the pick 3 approach is significantly faster. It also helps ensure characters start with abilities that match their class and lets us apply racial ability scores without breaking the standard score range.

The last point is pretty significant. If we want ability scores to add to checks, it’s a good idea to constrain the range. Otherwise, we’re back to the situation where one character automatically passes anything that challenges a character who didn’t pump that score.

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