Mezzo Game System

Mezzo can perhaps best be summed up by this snippet.

“Mezzo is built around improvisation, collaborative play, and narrative arcs.

The game supports improvisation through a “fast and loose” style of play. The game requires minimal preparation and lets you add character and details on the fly with minimal effort. The game is meant to start with a few basic ideas and grows in detail and depth during play.

Collaborative play means all players have a similar ability to affect the game world. Every player can contribute and help shape things, though those that build off and work with other players will have an easier time putting their ideas into play.

Finally, Mezzo is designed to support plot arcs. This includes rising tension, a climactic conflict, and the wind down that follows. The players and factions will pick up narrative power as the game continues and can cash that in for a greater impact on the game world.”

The current playtest document for Mezzo can be found here.

You can also find a quick reference guide for the game rules here.

Playtest Set Ups

Below is a list of the playtest scenarios I can personally run at present.

The Secrevi Invitation

The characters have been invited to a company presentation on an island retreat. The company has big news, but are keeping that news secret until the main event.

This scenario using it’s own custom set of chits as it’s seed deck. The details and chits can be found here.

Random Kicker

Use an online generator to get your game’s starting point. I like using the Action Film Generator from Seventh Sanctum. You can also use the Quick Character Generator to populate the setting.

I’m currently using Paizo’s Plot Twist Cards as the seed deck for this set up.

Dungeon Delve

The set up for this scenario is easy enough. It’s all about raiding a monster infested dungeon and making it out alive. I’m currently using Munchkin as the seed deck for this set up.

Once Upon a Time

As the name implies, this set up uses the Once Upon a Time game as seed deck to create a game with strong fairy tale elements.

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  1. […] added a new page to the blog to hold my Mezzo playtest materials ( The page holds links to the playtest rules, a new quick reference guide, and a list of set ups […]

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