Extraordinary Arsenal Revision

We’ve gotten in a couple playtests on the Wonder Wielder and it’s working well.  In the last session, they used Fortunate Packing with an animated weapon to keep track of a fleeing thief while they chased them on an alchemically fueled vehicle.

That said, we have done some tweaking, mostly to the extraordinary arsenal.  The first change was deciding what happens if someone counter attacks a hack and slash made by an animated weapon.  From there, I’ve mostly tried to trim things down and use more general guidelines.  It’s a bit of a shift given the more precisely defined mentality of games like D&D and Pathfinder, but a welcome on.

In any event, here are the revisions for the arsenal, as well as Reliable Armament.

Extraordinary Arsenal

Your collection has grown to include some items that aid your attacks. You start with 2 weapon enhancer items.  For each, roll 1d8 twice to determine which two enhancements it provides.  If you roll the same number twice, you may choose the second enhancement.

  1. Versatile: Add a range tag of your choice to the target weapon.
  2. Animated: The weapon can be released to fly as you direct it.  Treat it as having a +1 Str and Dex modifier while doing so.  If struck while flying, it will only move toward you until tended to.
  3. Puissant: Raise your stat modifier for this attack to +2 or deal +1 damage.
  4. Explosive: Attacks with this armament affect everyone in reach of the initial target.  If the weapon does not have near or far tags, you are not affected by the attack.
  5. Lingering: The attack leaves behind dangerous residue that deals 1d4 damage to any who come in contact with it if they don’t take immediate action to protect themselves.
  6. Concussive: Add stun and forceful.
  7. Vicious: Add messy and +1 damage.
  8. Spectral: Add ignores armor.

Choose the form each enhancer takes.

  • An item you could draw from your adventuring gear without needing to roll.
  • A portable mundane item worth 2 coins or less.
  • A pack of ammo.

Choose what attacks each enhancer can be used on.  Only one enhancer can be used per attack.

  • Attacks made with the enhancer.
  • Attacks made with an item or body part the enhancer has been applied to.

Each enhancer has 3 uses.  If the enhancer is a weapon, you can make unenhanced attacks with it without expending a use.  When an enhancer is lost or out of uses, you can spend a few minutes rummaging through your belongings and expend a use of adventuring gear to replace that item.  Reroll and reselect all features for each such replacement.


Reliable Armament

You’ve acquired an item you can fall back on when your armory runs dry.  Add an enhancer with unlimited used to your Exceptional Armory. You can choose one of that item’s enhancements instead of rolling for it.

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