Hidden Menace: Shadow Faction

Today I’d like to take a quick look at how the “shadow” faction will operate in Hidden Menace.

As I’ve mentioned before, their main ability will be gaining influence by completing agendas. These will normally be played face down to one side so the player can reveal them as they’re completed. I can also see agenda cards being found by other players and used as either clues or potential barter material. I may even make peeking at or flipping agendas a victory point fueled ability.

Their secondary ability will likely be the ability to send out major threats and obstacles to slow down the seekers. I’m still working out the exact trade offs, but I like the idea of having shadow players send out lesser threats before the big bad is revealed. I might let them tap agenda cards to do this.

This article seems to wrap up most of the core game play. I still need to work out the end game details, but I’ve got enough to do some early internal testing. I’ll be working on an “cheat sheet” style rules right up this week and start the first round of testing.

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