Hidden Menace: Seeker Faction

Last time I covered general abilities every player in a hidden menace game might have. Since then I’ve been thinking over what additional abilities each faction might have.

For the “seeker” faction, I’m thinking of giving their agents an uncanny knack for finding a way around obstacles. This would let them initiate challenges to overcome or side step those obstacles.

Challenges will likely work like extended counter attempts. One key difference would be the seeker agents can accumulate some kind of victory point or momentum for each success, with larger reward for each card played against them. The main benefit of these points is they can be used to reveal leads. Once a certain number of leads have been revealed, the seekers may be able to force the end game by revealing the final challenge. Points may also be used for benefits like changing how many cards are in circulating (drawing or forcing discards) or peeking at an opponents cards.

To ramp things up, I’m thinking of letting players lend some of their cards to the seeker’s opponent during a challenge. This allows for a larger pool which in turn means more potential points if the agent wins. By the same token, I may let players raise the stakes by letting them specify a set back if the agent fails, in exchange for more points on a victory.

I’m still working out the exact rules and wording for this, but that covers the basics of what I’m looking at. Next time, I’ll look at the “shadow” faction.

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