Hidden Menace: Costs of Conflict

Now that I’ve got the goals roughed out, I’ve been mulling over how to handle conflict resolution. I’m thinking of making spending cards a powerful but limited use option, with dice being a fall back option. Here’s the approach I’m currently considering.

Each player begins play with a certain number of cards in their hand. When conflicts arise, these cards can be laid down to support a given outcome. If the card’s theme can be tied to the outcome or an appropriate supporting detail, the card may be played face up. Otherwise, the card is played face down.

The winning outcome is the one with the most cards played in its favor. On a tie, victory goes to the side with the most face up cards. If there’s still a tie, make an opposing die roll for each side with the high roller winning.

Once a winner is determined, the face down cards for all sides are distributed among all the players who didn’t win.

Theme cards can also be played face up outside of conflicts to add an attribute to some element of the game world. The attribute being added must be appropriate to the card’s theme. Right now the main attribute types I’m thinking of is a shield (makes it harder to remove the element) and a helper (adds to dice rolls for certain tasks), though I may add others later. Attributes can be sacrificed to add them as face up cards in a given conflict. This lets sacrifice maneuvers trump dice at the expense of permanently losing traits.

As far as gaining new cards goes, I’m thinking of giving every player a draw at the end of a scene. I might need to change the rates later, but that seems like a decent starting point.

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