Hidden Menace: Agents and Agendas

I think I may have a solid lead on player goals for the “Hidden Menace” game I’ve been working on. What I may do is add a number of “agenda” cards to the theme deck. Each agenda the shadow faction completes before the end game gives them increased influence over the end game narration. This influence boost should apply even if they lose the final confrontation, allowing for them to sour their enemies’ victory.

On the hunter side, the goal will be to find the source of the shadows and defeat it. I’d like to set things up so hunters grow in power as play progresses. This means waiting longer gives a greater chance of success, but also gives the shadow side more chances to complete agendas and twist your victory to their own ends.

One thing I like about this set up is each side has pros and cons from extending play. The shadow side wants to extend play to complete more agendas, but in doing so risks losing the final confrontation. The hunter side is in the opposite position, gaining a better chance of victory with extended play but at the cost of the shadow side being better positioned to spoil that victory.

On another note, I may make it so that to join a faction, the player must field an agent for that faction. To join the shadow side, the player would have to introduce a threat or hazard. For the hunter side, the player would have to introduce a someone or something that helps the hunters find their target. Once they play their first agent, they’ll likely be locked into that side until the end of the story, barring a dramatic scene where their agent switches sides.

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