Adversary Goals

One troublesome issue with designing the hidden threat game is figuring out the goals of the player that controls the threat. With the seekers it’s pretty easy as the game centers around “find out what’s wrong and fix it”. So what goals should the shadow player have? “Don’t be found” looks like it would stall out game play. “Defeat the seekers” creates a more adversarial approach and may incentivize blocking each others narration. If there are any suggestions for this, let me know.

I’d already been considering using a “shadow deck” both to represent the treats power and to supply themes or them to build on. What I may do is make some shadow cards “agendas” which have a point value if they’re completed. Those points will likely be largely cosmetic, but this will give the player a goal. As a side benefit, that goal will be unknown to the seeker players until it’s revealed, adding an extra element of uncertainty.

I will be looking back over Against the Inevitable this weekend as it had similar factions. If I recall correctly, that game put the factions in direct opposition and tied to balance their power level over time while disallowing early eliminations. I may also start cleaning up the documentation so you folks have a play test document to toy around with.

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