Delver Fighting Styles

I’ve been thinking about representing a character’s overall combat ability with a fighting style. I may then build up similar styles to handle other kinds of challenge like persuasion and investigation. Here’s what I’m looking for in a fully developed fighting style:

  • Scaling – keeps output consistent with level increase
  • Failsafe – ensures something happens every round
  • Attribute Affinity – bind to attributes for flavor
  • Flow – provides variation
  • Tactics – provides direction and services
  • Specialties – provides personalization
  • Exertion – ability to stretch resources (especially in extended fights)

After some further tinkering, here’s what I’m looking at to cover those bases:

Style Features

Empowering Features make the character more effective at overcoming certain types of challenges.

  • Favored Actions ensure that the target actions will scale up with the character’s level, meaning that as the character approaches legendary status, they should be able to pull off similarly epic effects with these actions.
  • Action Proficiencies help ensure that even when the character fails with an action they still end up better off than if they had done nothing.  In addition to fall back perks, these features also provide thematic flavor by favoring certain approaches and attributes.
  • Techniquesencourage the player to vary their actions.  They also serve to create high and low point in character performance as well as linking those points together.
    • Reserve Techniques are a special type of technique that let the character occasionally push beyond their normal limits at the cost of stamina.  Such exhausting actions can rarely be done in rapid order in any but the most desperate circumstances.
  • Tactical Training helps shape the character’s play style by giving them a specific “job” they excell at.

Endurance Features extend how long the character can safely participate in certain challenges.

  • Conditioning let the character spend resources to stay in a challenge longer.  This usually takes the form of a basic defense pool that can be expended to protect the character.
  • Defense Proficiency let the character increase the effectiveness of certain defensive options.  In effect, it lets the player choose how the character keeps themselves safe in a given challenge.
  • Recovery Actions let the character stay in a challenge longer by spending stamina.  Usually only one such action can be used per challenge.

Specialties: These give the player a little room to fine tune what aspect of the style they want want to emphasize.  These specializations can apply to empowering or endurance features as desired.

Future Plans

Of the above features, I’ll probably push Favored Actions to at least 2nd level as scaling doesn’t matter until levels start increasing. Specialties would start coming online around veteran levels, once the character has a chance to get their feet wet and player has had time to get a feel for how they want them to develop.

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