Warrior Redux

Last time I talked about some features I’d like to see in a dungeon delver’s bag of tricks. Today I’m like to show how those feature might be fleshed out. I’ll start by using the classic “fighting man” as the base.

Warrior Features

Weapon Training

Being trained with a weapon should bring the character’s ability to use that weapon up to a certain baseline and allow their ability to scale up as needed. I’d actually like the level of training to determine the degree of effectiveness while the weapon chosen determined how it does so. For example, a dagger and a battle axe might be equally effective given proper training, each just has different qualities that shape how it performs.

Defensive Training

This feature should ensure a certain baseline of protection while scaling up much like weapon training does. Currently, I’m toying with the idea that basic armor provides a certain minimal level of protection, but the players can create more potent armors by layering qualities onto it. The catch is that each quality that increases protection normally comes with a set back. Defensive training can remove those set backs, giving the character a net increase in their protection.

I may do something similar to support light or unarmored fighting styles. This may simply be a matter of adding traits that grant a bonus when a certain armor quality isn’t in use and capping the maximum protection bonus.

Stunt Expertise

The warrior should get start with a limited number of stunt effects they’ve mastered, such as knocking and enemy back or leaving them open to a follow up attack. When using a weapon to directly or indirectly perform the stunt, the warrior should be to reduce the “difficulty markup” for performing the stunt. This mark up covers any difficulty increase / use penalties applied because the action involved in creating the stunt seem difficult. The idea being an expert in a stunt can make it happen in nearly any circumstances. For example, a knock back expert can drive back even something larger and stronger than themselves by playing their blows right and taking advantage of the target’s movements.

At higher levels this should expand to letting the warrior pull off even legendary stunts without penalty. This includes opening up new stunts effects to master, such as breaking the ground with strikes. It should also allow the warrior to ignore increasingly large difficulty mark ups as previously impossible tasks start to loose meaning.

Strike Styles

This feature lets the user add a rider to their weapon strikes, with a limit of one per attack. Their main purpose is to keep things interesting even on a miss, so each style should have a special miss effect or grant an effect regardless of whether the user hits. These styles may also grant the option of using alternate attributes for accuracy and/or damage.

One interesting possibility is “pack leader” style which gives an ally a free shot when the initial attack misses.

Focused Abilities

This feature grants abilities either extra actions or the ability to augment other actions. However, each character can only use one focused ability per round, and most only once per round. Their purpose is to help support a certain play style or tempo. Possibilities for a warrior include:

  • Change Up: Boost the users actions so long as they keep attempting new maneuvers.
  • Follow Up: Grants a boost when using certain stunts on targets already suffering from certain conditions.
  • Gambit: Grants an extra or boosted attack of the enemy takes certain specified actions.

Heroic Recovery

The character can use this ability when damage would defeat them or drop them to 0 hp. The character immediately regain hp equal to their maximum value. Once used, this ability is exhausted until the character rests.

Most other classes should get a similar feature, but with roughly half the hp recover traded for another secondary effect. We can then link all such abilities to a shared pool, such as “resolve”. This effectively gives warriors extra hp indirectly (~1/3rd extra) while making it so multi-class character must choose between warrior toughness or the special perks of their other classes’ special abilities.

These abilities may also consume “stamina” which only recover after a longer rest. This couple give the GM the ability to wear down the party over repeated encounter while keeping “15 minute workdays” at bay by limiting the stamina they can burn through in a given battle.

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