Against the Inevitable: Risks & Rewards

Today I’d like to quick look at what I’m looking for in AtI’s challenge system. As you may recall, challenges generate currency that wears down enemy defenses.

I’d like to link this currency generation to the risks a character takes. In short, the higher the price of failure and the more likely failure is, the greater the reward should be. This will probably work out as a multiplier (ex. reward = chance of failure x price of failure). While multiplication is a slower than addition, it’s also a stronger match for the results I want. Adding chance and price leaves openings for high chance / minimal price and minimal chance / high price as strong potential combos.

Given the “against the odds” theme of the game, I’d like to make sure going for long shots yields good payouts. I’ll need to cap this so one roll does carry enough weigh to potentially win the game. Ideally I want the best payouts to lie between “slightly in your favor” to “fairly unlikely”.

Given the previous points, I’d probably shoot toward a dice mechanic where a “+1” modifier maps fairly well to a +1 reward multiplier. I also want to aim for a mechanic where nothing is ever entirely impossible. After all, overcoming incredible odds is very in keeping with the game’s theme. Next time I’ll take a look at how heroes might make these long shots more likely in game terms than they might first appear.

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