Plot Drivers

Now that I’ve sketched out what I want the game to do, let’s look at some actual mechanics.

A big part of the game’s theme is that there’s a looming menace that seems insurmountable at first. However, as the heroes explore they learn more about the nature of the threat and how it can be beaten.

This suggests a certain dynamic. We’ve already established that the main conflict is called out in the intro scene. This opens up a few questions for the players.

  • How do the heroes want to approach the conflict?
  • What makes the conflict hard to overcome?
  • What might help resolve the conflict?

This suggests adding either defenses to the conflict or potential advantages for the heroes to pursue.

  • Added defenses give the heroes something they need to beat or work around before the challenge can be confronted. This leaves the heroic players thinking of ways to take down the defense. On the other hand, nemesis players can think up additional obstacles and complications to reinforce the defense.
  • Added leads give the heroes a short term goal. Leads should build up value based on how much effort is put into them. The resulting advantage can then be used to break through later defenses. This will take some tinkering however, as the nemesis side has to buy into adding defenses the heroes already have an answer for.

That gives us the seeds for two potential plot driving systems. I’ll look more into both of these in upcoming posts.

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