Delver’s Big Three

Now that I’ve got what my game needs and how it might play out, I’d like to look deeper into its theme. To cover what the game’s about, I’ll use a set of questions known as “The Big Three”.

1. What is your game about?

“Against all odds” may sum up the game’s theme. It’s about people overcoming overwhelming obstacles through determination, teamwork, and a little luck. The main characters aren’t heroes because they’re especially powerful, they’re heroes because they just don’t quit.

2. What do the characters do?

That depends on what the character’s role in the adventure is. Here are some of the most basic roles:

  • Extra: The character is there to add detail and color to the world. This role fills many of the same functions as decorations and scenery.
  • Main Character: These characters drive the story through their involvement with the adventure’s primary conflict. They’re defined by striving to achieve some goal that can not be easily reached.
  • Adversary: These characters act as living obstacles to the main character. They work to make it harder for the main characters to reach their goals.
  • Supporting Character: These characters help other characters achieve their goals. This usually means supporting either a main character or an adversary.

3. What do the players do?

That depends on which side the player has joined. Here’s a quick breakdown of the sides:

  • Heroic: These players guide the main character and their supporters. Their goal is getting those characters to overcome the primary conflict and all obstacles along the way. Their job involves hitting problems from different angles until they manage to break through.
  • Neutral: This is the starting side for all players. Neutral players shape events to amuse themselves, much like fickle fates or lady luck.
  • Nemesis: These players place obstacles and adversaries in the main characters’ path. Their job is to make the main characters work for their victory and to make challenges the other players want to see beaten (ex. a villain the group loves to hate). They may also gain bonus points for over the top performances and villainous flair.
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