Mapping Roles with PI

Pacing and influence elements share some interesting similarities. Both deal with the overall effect of the character’s actions and abilities. They also both have a few distinct qualities which lend themselves to rough measurements.

For pacing, these qualities are offense and defense. Both can be quantified by comparing expected times to drop for either the target enemy (offense) or the character themselves (defense).

For influence, the two more prominent sides are control (enemy oriented) and guidance (ally oriented). Influence is harder to measure, but there is a definite feel of more or less control for different abilities.

We could actually combine these factor into a radar chart to get a rough visual overview of what effect the character has on a conflict. I may look into doing so later if I find a way to do this beyond using ascii art.

PI and Balance

An interesting thing to note is that combat balance seems to center around the pacing qualities (offense and defense). In fact, it looks like for 1 on 1 combat, combat effectiveness is roughly equal to the product of their offense and defense. For example, a character that can take enemies down twice as fast as normal stands an even chance of winning against a character who lasts twice as long as normal. Whether this bears out in larger combats may take some looking into.

In contrast, influence abilities tend to have a much less direct effect on combat effectiveness. In fact, it seems the value of control or guidance effects is derived from the offense or defense provided by the events they cause. For example, stuns are valuable to the group less because the action loss itself and more because the loss of those actions drastically reduces enemy offense.

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