Character Contributions, part 3

Last time we look at character services and roles. On review, it looks like most of these services provide some combination of offense, defense, and control. Before looking into how these lead into roles, I want to touch on a few other features those services may have.

Effect Routes

This property deal with the steps between using a service and it’s final effects. A common example of a direct route is attack action -> damage enemy. An example of a more indirect route might be command pet -> pet attack -> damage enemy.

You may also recognize the direct and indirect terms last post’s comments on offense and defense. Things like lowering enemy defense indirectly raising ally offense can be treated as an effect route.

One interesting way these effects can travel is through allies. In fact, many “support” roles are defined by services that go through allies. In fact, I’d even argue that “support” is less a type of service (like offense and defense) and more of an ally oriented way of delivering effects.

Use Conditions

These properties covers what conditions are in effect when the service comes into play. This includes things such as use restrictions and targeting restrictions as well as whether the service has be used before or after the thing it’s applied to. For example, healing effects are only effective after the fact while shield are usually used before damage is taken.

It’s worth noting that trouble shooter roles tend to have lots of services with special use conditions. After all, those roles tend to focus on having the right tool for the job.

That’s it for this run. Next time I’ll take a peak at how all this applies to the “Holy Trinity” or roles used in so many modern MMORPGs.

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