Design Update: Rolls and Roles

First off, the update on the fighter’s combat role will probably be coming later this weekend. I’ve got some ideas solidifying, but they haven’t quite gelled yet. For a peak at how they’re coming along, take a peak at the Class Workshop thread over at

The rest of this update has to do with me wrestling with that randomizer issue I mentioned in the last design update.

Gathering my options wasn’t too hard, and the AnyDice site has been really helpful in checking probabilities. However, after hashing out the number I found I wasn’t really sure which one I wanted.

So I decided to take a step back and set up some criteria based on what the system needs. That did help a bit. However, the list got much stronger when I went back and reread my original sample play document. It’s amazing how having a solid reference point like that can help bring you back on target. One thing I’ve been learning here is it’s annoyingly easy to drift away from the games focus and end up with a sprawling system you never intended.

The funny thing is after spending a lot of time brain storming I happened to mention on quick idea to Alyssa as I was heading out the door. On getting back home I tested it and it seems to work beautifully. It’s funny after all that complex system tinkering the thing you toss out almost in passing can be just the kind of thing you’re looking for.

What I’m working with now is a simple step system with 3 levels of success. By capping the degree of success I can avoid the “rocket tag” problem I was running into earlier.

In fact, if I wanted to I make the 3rd level a perfect 25% chance for pairing of same sided dice. Apparently, the “when you roll double or more your opponent’s roll” occurs exactly one time in four for these pairings.

I’m probably going to shift it to rolling more than double though so the chances of a 3rd tier result are less likely for low skill character while not inflating too much for high skill ones.

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