Fighter Revision Intro

Now that we’ve laid out some ground work, I’d like to return to the Fighter for a bit and take a look at what could be done with the class.

The 4E version of the class is well made and may be one of the strongest forms of the class to date. Heck, it may be one of the strongest classes in the game with solid item, feat, and power support.

However, there are a few oddities. Tying the fighter to the same power structure as almost every other class does bring up in world questions. The most common of these is why they can’t try certain maneuvers twice without resting. I wasn’t until psionics came out that they started changing up the power structure.

There’s also some feeling that characters can not try stunts without the appropriate power, which not everyone is happy about.

In this series I’ll be taking a look at how these issues and more might have been handled differently. The next post up should be on stunts and how they can be handled. In the meanwhile, I’ll be looking for suggestions and poking around the forums for what you folks would like to see from the class.

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