Mezzo Update

It’s been a while since the last design update, so I figured I’ll bring you folks up to date while the next delver post is being fleshed out.

At this point, the rules outline is pretty far along. I’m working on character traits now. After that I should just need to finalize the randomizer I want to use before converting this to a play test document.

The issue I’m working on right now is how to handle basic training. I like having basic training cost the same for any ability. That way a player can just say “I want to be able to do this..”, spend a slot on it and be good to go. You may remember from the “example play” post how the main character picked up both magical lock picking and running skill this way. This even makes sense mechanically as major actions mainly serve to generate the successes needed to win a challenge.

The odd point here is what does basic training do for abilities that can be done fairly well untrained. Using the earlier example, the arcane lock pick ability take the character from no chance to a good chance of succeeding at the task where the same purchase on running ability would only improve the character’s ability by 1 step.

What I may do let basic training give you a certain number of penalty canceling perks. Thus with the arcane lock picking, all those perks would go straight to buying up the special ability while with running they’d go toward things like ignoring penalties for fatigue or uneven surfaces.

The issues there are that approach is a little more complicated and might make special abilities a somewhat worse deal the just enhanced normal abilities. On the other hand, special abilities may have more tricks that can be done with them, so this may balance out.

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