Delver Challenges

In this post I’ll be taking a quick look at the kinds of challenges adventurers are likely to run into and what specialties they may have to deal with those challenges.


What kind of things keep adventurers from reaching their goals? Here’s what I managed to come up with:

  • Hostile Creatures
  • Creatures or people who aren’t actively hostile but are either blocking the party’s progress or have something the party wants or needs.
  • Inanimate hazards, be they environmental danger or traps.
  • Obstacles or barriers to entry.
  • Limited supply or important leads or resources.

In general, it seems to break down into animate vs inanimate and obstacles (prevents progress) vs hazards (harms the party), with gathering resources being the exception.


After looking over this, I’m seeing the following character specialties for dealing with these problems. Those familiar with Fantasy Craft may notice some familiar names. I’ve noticed that FC’s roles do a pretty good job of covering most of this territory, so I’m reusing some of their terminology. If there are any problems with that let me know.

Here are the specialties I plan on using in future posts. If there’s anything missing or off let me know.

  • Combatant: The character specializes in dealing with and taking down hostile creatures.
  • Talker: The character is adept at dealing with character that are willing and able to communicate rather than fight.
  • Explorer: The character is good at getting around dangers and obstacles to get into new locations. This character is generally a movement specialist.
  • Solver: This character is skilled at disabling hazards, solving puzzles, and otherwise removing obstacles so the party can progress.
  • Supplier: The character is an expert at getting what the party needs, be it information or items.

Next time I’ll take a quick look at how characters rise in power and some key point in that progression.

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