Design Update

Today’s update is a bit later than I expect as I was caught between a cold and handling Mother’s Day stuff for the misses.

The Q&A list for Mezzo is fully fleshed out at this point and I’ve moved on to making a rules outline. Not only will the provide a nice framework of the play test draft, but it may also serve as a nice quick reference to how the rules are set up.

Speaking of the rules, writing up the outline is helping me refine them. I also find myself merging some rules and having other turn more into synergies than design rules. For example, I’ve added a “setting laws” mechanic to the player conflict system. One of the defaults, the “Law of Inertia”, makes it harder to change existing details. However, winning challenges lets you side step that law. Thus I have a mechanical incentive for players to get in challenges even though they have way of shaping the narrative without them.

On another note, I’m aware this stage of development probably isn’t the most exciting for readers, so I’ll try to get a side topic out this week for folks to mull over. If there’s any kind of ideas you’d like to see, let me know. Otherwise it will most likely involve tinkering with D&D and where it could go next. I certainly welcome other games, but it’s been hard finding groups that use other systems.

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