Design Update

Consolidation continues as does fleshing out features. The new additions include an option for letting players “buy in” to an interesting idea and letting players draw on ideas provided by others for a little extra narrative power.

I’m also narrowing down how resisted actions work and fleshed out flaws as a counterpoint to boons.

Right now I’m using “adversity” in place of the old frustration/tension mechanic and it’s seeing a lot of use. Basically it can be spent or granted to invoke wounds, flaws, and situational advantages. Edges stand out as granting mechanical advantage without any adversity cost.

The question and answer doc is pretty close to completion, though I still need to flesh out the mechanics that link challenges and adventures to each other. Once that’s done I’ll have the rules in a giant list format. Next will probably be a round where I start combining redundant items into unified rules.

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