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I’ve gathered a fair amount of feedback on Mezzo, so now I’m working on consolidating it all. I also went back to my original play example and extracted rules out of that. Interestingly enough, there’s mention there of “adding a threat” which I’d forgotten about, so now I’m trying to see how it fit in the current rules.

I do like the element of sideline participation it promotes as I want players without active character’s involved in the scenes. Here’s the write up I’ve got for it so far in the current Q&A format I’m using right now:

What are threats?
Threats are potential risks that can be added to challenge.
Threats have a chance of “going off” each time they’re invoked.

What happens if a threat triggers?
An opponent, obstacle, or complication may be narrated into the scene.

Why not just narrate the detail in normally?
Threats count as participating in the challenge even if they never go off.

I’ll need to beef up that last point a bit. Right now I figure threats should be a nice way to add some tension to a challenge. I just need to figure if that raised tension should have a mechanical effect even if it never goes off and if so what that effect is.

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