Design Scratchpad: Challenges and Shared Narrative

I finished my read through of Universalis a while ago and it’s certainly got me thinking. I’m not planning on going with a “pay for details” mechanic. However, I am planning on allowing for shared narrative control in setting up the game world. The thing I’m looking a right now is if any player can narrate things, how do you keep them from just narrating their way to victory.

Right now I’m thinking of putting restrictions on what details can be added and relaxing those restriction when challenges are won. Wording this just right can be tricky though as I’m caught between allowing narrative freedom and making challenges meaningful. Maybe I’ll add something where challenges provide a certain narrative momentum that helps push things in a given direction.

On another note, I’m looking into fleshing out the basic system on GoogleDocs as that will let me work on it from any system with relative ease. I admit I’m a bit cautious about giving them material I’m thinking of publishing, but so far I haven’t seen any red flags.

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