Delver Evolution: Fighter Query

I’ve got the post up on now. I’ve repeated a chunk of the first post here as it cover what I think is iconic about the class and what past features spring to mind readily.

What I want to look at next is where the class might go next. I’ve got some of my own ideas, but I’d like to see what occurs to you folks.

I think this boils down to a few questions:

  • What’s iconic about the class?
  • What features from other editions stand out as strong additions to the class?
  • What new features or options could the class pick up?

To me it looks like the iconic features include:

  • Durability – Through a combination or toughness (hp) and armor use, the fighter has always been amoung the hardest classes to drop.
  • Weapon Mastery – Whether it’s as a master of all weapons or a specialist in one, fighters excell at weapon attacks, often being among the most accurate classes.
  • Strength – This attribute has always been a big one for the fighter. In fact, it seems that back in OD&D the ability score itself mainly served to provide bonus xp for fighters.

I’ll go over interesting features from past editions later but things like anti-mook abilities, extra attacks, special maneuvers, strongholds, morale boosting, and maybe even dragon shooting (Chainmail) all seem promising.

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