Delver Evolution: Original D&D

I was thinking of covering the original release of D&D in a “Let’s Read” format. However, while hunting down research materials I found Sham has a series of posts on the topic. The bit on classes starts at the sixth post. There’s also some interesting trivia over at Rampant Coyote and musing at Philotomy on that edition.

With that covered, I can move on to the next step in this review. Instead of stepping though each edition and showing off the classes in it, I plan on switching to focusing on single class and comparing how it’s evolved over time. This may parallel the D&D Alumni articles by WotC. The Core Mechnics blog has a similar historical review on the cleric up, which we can revisit later.

Once we’ve got the progression all sketched out, we should be in a good spot to look at these two questions:

  • What are the iconic features of this class?
  • What are other way the class could be developed?

That last question is really the point of this series. By looking at what the class has been and what it means to people, perhaps we can brainstorm up some ideas of where it could go in the future.

The first class getting this treatment will be that backbone of the battle field, the Fighter. See you then.

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