Design Scratchpad: Mezzo Challenge Results

In this post I’m just going to wrap up how to resolve challenges as well as showing the seed of how challenges can be linked. The next post will probably be a Delver History update will I mull this stuff over.

Concluding Challenges

A challenge ends when either a Push for Victory attempt succeeds or all opponents have been taken out of the challenge. The side who did the push or still has members in the challenge wins.

Winners gain a points based on the number of push for victory attempts it took to win the challenge. Additionally individual character may convert their remaining frustration points into these award points. These points can be spent to purchase:

  • Boon: This award give a character a temporary edge. The more uses a boon has, the more it costs.
  • Bank: Banked points are set aside and can not be spent until the a later challenge is won.
  • Lead: The player can add a piece of information to the game that sets up a future challenge. Points invested in the lead can be used to increase the scale and stakes of the future challenge.
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